Tea mushroom. Contraindications

Tea mushroom.  ContraindicationsAlmost every adult knows about the beneficial properties of tea mushroom infusion (or, as it is also called, tea kvass ). Almost all of its beneficial qualities are associated with a high content of organic acids, which create cleansing, antibacterial, tonic and healing effects on the human body.

But lovers of this drink should not forget that in addition to the beneficial properties that kombucha has, it also has some contraindications.

It is not advisable to consume infusion of kombucha fresh for those people who suffer from fungal diseases. Since the sugar contained in the infusion harms the health of patients with fungus and complicates the treatment of the disease. But a sufficiently fermented infusion of kombucha (about 8-12 days) is absolutely safe, since it contains sugar and metabolic products. In this form, kombucha, on the contrary, increases the body's defenses and successfully counteracts fungal diseases.

High sugar and acid content worsens the condition of diseased teeth. The acid contained in the infusion has a detrimental effect on the tooth enamel, which can lead to caries as a result.

Kombucha is not advisable for diabetes.

It is not recommended to consume large quantities of kombucha (more than one liter per day) and do not drink undiluted fermented infusion. This can only be done when the kombucha has stood for more than three days and the resulting infusion is still very weak.

With increased acidity, you do not need to abuse it.

When taking the mushroom, it is recommended to take small breaks every two months so as not to irritate the stomach.

Before a trip, a motorist should not consume a strong infusion, because this product contains alcohol.

When preparing the infusion, it is not allowed to replace sugar with honey, since it is not established how the composition of the drink changes and therefore it is not known what the outcome may be after taking such an infusion.

Suffering from ulcers, gastritis or low blood pressure, you need to be very careful with kombucha infused with green tea, as it contains quite a lot of caffeine, which strongly tones up and affects the gastrointestinal tract.

Many doctors advise not to consume the infusion right before eating, during and after meals. If you neglect this advice, then you will feel hungry almost immediately. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, consume the drink an hour after eating.