Orange shiver (Tremella mesenterica) photo and description

Orange shiver (Tremella mesenterica)

  • Department: Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Agaricomycotina (Agaricomycetes)
  • Class: Tremellomycetes (Tremellomycetes)
  • Subclass: Tremellomycetidae (Tremellomycetids)
  • Order: Tremellales
  • Family: Tremellaceae
  • Genus: Tremella (Shiver)
  • Species: Tremella mesenterica (Orange trembling)

Other names:

  • Tremella filmy

  • Draglia

Shiver orange

Fruit body: Orange tremor (tremelia mesenterica) consists of smooth, shiny and sinuous lobes. In appearance, the lobes are watery and shapeless, slightly resembling the intestines. The fruit body is approximately one to four cm in height. The color of the fruit body varies from almost white to bright yellow or orange. Due to the large number of spores located on the surface, the fungus appears whitish.

Flesh: the flesh is gelatinous, but strong, odorless and tasteless. Spore powder: white. Like all Tremors, Tremella mesenterica tends to dry out, and after rain, it becomes the same again.

Distribution: Occurs from August to late autumn. Often the fungus persists in winter, forming fruiting bodies with the onset of spring. Grows on dead branches of deciduous trees. If conditions are favorable, it bears fruit very abundantly. It grows both on plains and on mountains. In places with a mild climate, the entire mushroom period can bear fruit.

Similarity: Orange Shiver in its traditional form is difficult to confuse with any other common mushroom. But, unusual fruiting bodies are difficult to distinguish from rare representatives of the genus Tremella, especially since the genus is quite diverse and disordered. Has a strong resemblance to Tremella foliacea, which is distinguished by the brown color of the fruit bodies.

Edible: The mushroom is good for consumption, and even has some value, but not in our country. Our mushroom pickers have no idea how to collect this mushroom, how to carry it home and how to cook it so that it does not dissolve.

Video about orange mushroom Drozhalka:

Notes: The orange shiver resembles a red beard and looks very unusual. In rainy weather, the beard sags noticeably, and in dry weather it tightens.