Summer mushrooms

Not everyone knows about this, but mushrooms can be picked not only in summer or autumn, but at any time of the year. Naturally, each season has its own assortment of varieties. In fact, seasonal affiliation is another basis for the classification of mushrooms.

The summer "family" of mushrooms includes those varieties that grow exclusively in the summer (that is, from early June to mid or late August). I am glad that there are quite a few edible mushrooms among them. These are mushrooms, raincoats, champignons (field and coppice), russula, chanterelles, mokrukha, podgruzdki (black and white), yellow hedgehogs, summer mushrooms, tinder fungi (they are also called sheep mushrooms), umbrellas (variegated and white). There are also conditionally edible mushrooms in summer. For example, milk mushrooms: pepper, bitter (or bitter), black (or nigella), red (or rubella); oak or podduboviki (bruises), felt (or violin), goat (cow mushrooms), dung beetles, valui, ivisheni (or podvishnymi), some cobwebs, saw-leaves and talkers.

The inedible summer mushrooms include: goblet saw-leaves, as well as gall and pepper mushrooms. There are many poisonous mushrooms in the hot season. These are fly agarics and satanic mushrooms, red champignon and lepiots (scaly, poisonous, serrate, chestnut, comb, rough), pale toadstool and fibrous (earthy and fibrous), galleys and talkers (waxy and whitish) and thin pigs (piggy) and fat some cobwebs.