Can mushrooms be pregnant

Mushrooms during pregnancy

Boletus edulis - White mushroom

It will be very beneficial for pregnant women to diversify their diet with fresh, high-quality mushrooms. They will appeal even to fastidious women with changed taste preferences. Mushrooms as a food product are often compared with vegetables, but only with those with which they are similar in calorie content. They are also called forest meat, because the chemical composition of mushrooms is very close to animal products. Mushrooms are rich in nitrogenous substances, but especially in proteins. Their protein content is much higher than that of many vegetables, and in dried white mushrooms, it is much higher than in meat. And, as you know, proteins contain all the most important amino acids:

  • histidine
  • tyrosine
  • arginine
  • leucine

Are pregnant women allowed to eat mushrooms?

They are good because they require less consumption of digestive juices to break them down than meat products.

Mushrooms contain fatty substances such as lecithin, which is also found in meat. They are absorbed almost completely, only 5 percent remains. Mushrooms contain glycogen, which is inherent only in animal organisms. They contain less carbohydrates than vegetables, but mushrooms are very well absorbed.

Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, B, B2, PP and in small quantities, A and C. They contain a lot of niacin. Mushrooms are especially rich in her. Nicotinic acid is beneficial for pregnant women.

Mushrooms contain a lot of phosphorus and potassium. By the way, they contain three times more phosphorus than vegetables. They also contain trace elements such as manganese, zinc, copper, which are very necessary for the human body. In terms of zinc content, mushrooms are in first place among plants.

They contain aromatic and extractive elements that improve their taste, as well as enhance the secretion of gastric juice. Mushroom decoctions are superior to vegetable ones in the strength of their stimulating effect on the digestive process, and they are not inferior to meat ones.

It is very useful for pregnant women to go mushroom picking themselves.

It is important that the expectant mother, picking mushrooms, rests and relaxes, and does not specifically engage in physical exercises. This will benefit both the woman and the future child. It is very useful to take a walk in the forest and get some fresh air, it distracts from various negative moments. It is important to remember that, for safety reasons, a pregnant woman should not walk alone in the forest.