Pancakes with meat and mushrooms

My family loves pancakes! It is “pancakes” that are not “pancakes”. Thin, and so a lot, and so that it would be possible with sour cream, and with cottage cheese, and with jam!

But most of all we love pancakes with meat. This is my signature dish and is always a success in any company.

And if you use not just meat as a filling, but meat with mushrooms, then in general - super.


I share the recipe.

First you need to bake pancakes. The recipe can be any, the main thing is that they are thin and elastic. I do a lot, hundreds and a half, of which fifty of mine are snapped up, as they say, "straight from the frying pan" (the event is for several hours, I fry in two frying pans).

Then we make the filling. We need boiled beef. I cook the meat in advance, in a small amount of water (we just drink the broth, although it is possible to cook soup on it), be sure to add an onion, a couple of carrots, bay leaves and allspice peas.

We prepare the mushrooms in advance. In my case, it was a sulfur-yellow tinder fungus, a pair of young small "pancakes": boiled and cut into small "strips". I tried to do it with mushrooms, butter mushrooms, scaly tinder fungus and liverwort. All options are delicious, each in its own way. It is meat with mushrooms. You can make pancakes just with mushroom filling, but we like this option less.

We twist the boiled and cooled beef in a meat grinder along with boiled carrots (the one that was cooked with beef).

Finely chop a couple of onions and fry in a small amount of vegetable oil until transparent. As soon as the onion is slightly fried, add the mushrooms, salt and continue frying over low heat, it is important that the onion does not burn.

After 10 minutes add the twisted meat to the pan and mix very thoroughly with the onions and mushrooms. Add butter, a little, 50-70 grams, add salt if necessary and continue stirring until the butter is completely melted.

An important secret: such fried minced meat turns out to be somewhat dry. Then, when the time comes to wrap it in pancakes, it will crumble. Therefore, at the very end of preparing the filling, I add broth to the pan.

This is how the filling for pancakes turns out, not dry and not too "wet", here you can see both onions and pieces of mushrooms.


Then I would write simply, wrap the filling in pancakes and enjoy the dish, but it turned out that not all of my friends know how to wrap pancakes in rolls "with closed edges" - it struck me.

So here is a detailed instruction, step by step, everything is in the photo.

making pancakes

making pancakes

making pancakes

And now - another "proprietary" secret. Do not microwave the pancakes. Heat traditionally in a pan. If you melt a little butter and heat the pancakes under the lid, allowing a crisp crust to form (I turn them over, fry them on both sides) - it will be simply indescribably delicious!


I would like to quote my youngest: “Very bold. Very bad. Delicious!"

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