Useful properties of chanterelles

Useful properties of chanterelles

It's very simple, chanterelles contain a substance called quinomannose, which is not tolerated by bugs, worms and even helminths of all kinds.

This substance is capricious, it does not tolerate heat treatment, it is destroyed at a temperature of 50 degrees. When salted cold, salt destroys it. This means that you need to take the chanterelle in the form of a dry powder, in capsules or infused with vodka or wine.

* Quinomannosis in chanterelles is an absolutely natural substance that does not cause side effects and destroys parasites and their eggs, in contrast to the preparations "Vermox" or "Pirantel", which act only on sexually mature individuals.

* The second active substance of chanterelles is ergosterol, which effectively affects liver enzymes. It is used to cleanse it.

* Trametonolinic acid successfully acts against hepatitis viruses.

Chanterelle tincture

1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried and powdered chanterelles is poured into 200 ml of vodka and insisted for 10 days, stirring daily. Do not filter, shake before use and drink with sediment.

- for parasitic invasions - 2 tsp in the evening before going to bed for 20 days;

- liver diseases (obesity, hemangiomas, cirrhosis), pancreas - 1 teaspoon daily in the evening for 3-4 months;

- hepatitis - 1 tsp in the morning and evening for 4 months;

- to cleanse the liver - 2 teaspoons in the evening for 15 days.

Chanterelle powder

This is a fairly popular way to store chanterelles. First, it can be added to almost all dishes, from soups to sauces to roasts. And secondly, mushrooms in this form are assimilated by the body best of all, since less energy is spent on their processing.

They are first dried properly, and then ground in a pepper mill, coffee grinder, or using a regular mortar. It so happens that the powder turns out to be heterogeneous. Additional sieving or secondary grinding will help to correct this.

In natural medicine, chanterelles have no price. They have antitumor and immunostimulating effects, help with inflammatory diseases, and they contain several times more vitamin A than in carrots. Therefore, in China, drugs from chanterelles are used to correct vision and treat night blindness.