Mushrooms - great DIY crafts

Autumn is the most magical time of the year, richly colored with gold, red, orange and crimson colors. Autumn is primarily associated with harvesting, yellow leaves on trees and underfoot, and of course, mushrooms. Now it is very much in the yard, which means that it's time to acquaint your children with handicrafts-mushrooms.

We bring to your attention an educational toy made of felt "Hedgehog with mushrooms", and also show you how to sew such a charm with your own hands. This toy is intended for children 3-5 years old and develops fine motor skills of fingers, imagination, memory, attention to detail, helps to learn to count, forms in children the concept of what is a lot or a little, big and small, light or dark, teaches you to quickly navigate in space , combine objects according to different criteria, develops concepts about the forms of various objects.

For work, you will need a little, only a few sheets of colorful felt, as well as Velcro, zipper, various fasteners, rivets or buttons and a couple of hours of free time. First of all, you need to buy felt of the appropriate colors, choose a hard and rather dense material, just one that will keep its shape perfectly, and also prepare threads for sewing, needles, scissors, cardboard for a template, a glue gun. To sew an educational toy, it is not at all necessary to have a sewing machine, you can do it with your hands, however, the creative process will take a little more time.

First of all, we create a sketch of the toy and draw a pattern of parts on thick paper, cut out all the fragments, apply the templates to the felt and cut out the details from the felt (all of them in two). We begin to sew the main, large parts of the craft, and in the process of work we fix various types of fasteners (magnets, decorative buttons, lacing ribbons, carabiners, rivets) on the hedgehog's body. Next, we make beautiful fly agarics from felt and other mushrooms, leaves or apples with the appropriate type of attachment.

Separate small mushrooms made of felt can be a great garland for interior decoration. You can add a little volume to your creations by using synthetic winterizer, synthetic fluff, holofiber for filling, or you can leave the figures flat. Next, we fix the mushroom shapes to the cord and attach to the wall. Also, felt mushrooms in the form of pendants, key rings or fridge magnets look no less impressive. In this case, it is necessary to securely fasten a ribbon, chain or tight cord to the product, and in the case of magnets, find a miniature magnet.

Together with children, you can make a bright, original applique made of multi-colored paper called "Mouse on a mushroom". An adorable mouse gnawing a mushroom will surely decorate a children's room and bring a lot of positive emotions during the creative process. For work, both colored paper for children's creativity and interesting, textured corrugated paper in small ribs are suitable, you will also need PVA glue and scissors to cut out the details of the craft.

All the details of the craft are quite large and there should be no problems with the assembly process even for very young children.

Create for your pleasure!