Milk mushroom kefir

Milk mushroom kefir at home

Milk mushroom kefir

What is required to prepare milk mushroom kefir:

  • glass jar with a volume of a liter or half a liter. Plastic dishes will not work because the milk mushroom will not develop well in it.
  • 1 tablespoon milk mushroom
  • 200-250 ml of milk
  • three or four folded gauze and an elastic band to secure it.

In order for your milk mushroom to develop and provide a healthy and tasty drink, you need to take care of it daily. Place the milk mushrooms in a jar and cover with room temperature milk. You can use milk from a bag with a fat content of 2.5-3.2%. But the best milk is, of course, fresh cow milk. If you can't get it, try unpasteurized milk in soft bags with a short shelf life. You can also use goat's milk.

The next day, strain the kefir through a plastic sieve and separate the mushrooms. Remember that you cannot use metal utensils - the milk fungus can die from contact with metal. It is very convenient to filter kefir through one layer of gauze. Place the cheesecloth in a deep sieve or colander and pour the kefir. Take your time, let the kefir slowly drain into the substituted container.

Milk mushroom kefir

The kefir mushroom will remain on the gauze. To strain the remains of kefir, collect the gauze with a "bag" and with careful circular movements help the kefir to drain.

Milk mushroom kefir

The resulting kefir can be drunk immediately after straining or refrigerated, but note: such kefir is not designed for long-term storage.

You cannot squeeze cheesecloth with mushroom! A certain amount of kefir will remain between the mushroom particles.

Milk mushroom kefir

Rinse the milk mushrooms with clean lukewarm water directly through cheesecloth. Milk kefir mushroom must be absolutely pure, otherwise, during the subsequent preparation of kefir, an unpleasant bitter taste may appear.

Milk mushroom kefir

Wash the can without using industrial detergents. Milk mushroom kefir is easily washed from the walls of the jar with just warm water. Place the mushroom in a clean jar and cover with a fresh portion of milk. Repeat this procedure every day at the same time. Place the jar of milk mushroom in a warm place out of direct sunlight. Take kefir, starting at 200-250 ml per day, on an empty stomach or before bed. Over time, the number of mushrooms will grow, and you can throw away or distribute the excess or get more kefir. If there are too many mushrooms in the milk, the kefir will be too sour and scalding, and the mushrooms will be covered with mucus.

Remember not to put a lid on the jar as the milk mushroom needs fresh air. You cannot keep the mushroom at room temperatures below 17-18 degrees - it can become moldy and die. Avoid darkening of fungi, excessive growth. Large mushrooms with emptiness inside should be thrown away - they are dead and do not bring any benefit. If kefir is covered with mucus, or "snot", then you have poured little milk. Always rinse the mushrooms and the jar thoroughly with warm water, not cold water, fill the mushroom with lukewarm milk, never use milk that has just been taken out of the refrigerator. Mucus can appear if you pulled the milk porcini mushroom out of kefir too sooner or later . When these causes are eliminated, the fungus usually heals.

A healthy mushroom should be milky white, almost like cottage cheese.

Milk mushroom kefir

It should smell like kefir. If the fungus is covered with a white coating and smells bad, it is sick. If the fungus turns brown, then it is seriously ill and will have to be thrown away. You cannot drink such kefir. You can also not drink kefir, on the surface of which mold has appeared. If the fungus is heavily covered in mucus, try flushing it with a 5% salicylic acid solution. If that doesn't work, it may be easier to get a new fungus.

If you are leaving for 2-3 days, fill the kefir fungus with milk diluted in half with water. This liquid should be 3-4 times more than you usually pour milk. On arrival, strain the infusion, rinse the mushroom and fill it with the usual portion of milk. The infusion obtained during these days of absence can be used for cosmetic purposes. It will be very useful as a mask for oily and damaged hair and as a moisturizing and cleansing lotion for the face. To soften and refresh the skin of the body, pour this infusion into a hot bath and take it for 10-15 minutes.

Contraindications to the use of milk mushroom kefir

Increased acidity, in which you need to take it a little bit and monitor your well-being.

How is milk mushroom useful?

Milk mushroom, the use of which has a positive effect on the body for any disease of any part of the body, can sometimes work wonders. Long-term intake of kefir helps to strengthen immunity, protect against colds and viruses, treat acne, acne and other skin diseases, significantly lose weight and rejuvenate the skin.

At the beginning of the intake of milk mushroom, the intestines are activated, therefore, increased gas production may occur. In addition, you may feel a diuretic effect or notice darkening of your urine. People with kidney disease may experience discomfort in the back and lower back. These are all temporary phenomena that signify the beginning of healing. After a month of taking, you will feel noticeable improvements in well-being and appearance, for which the milk mushroom is famous .

Hair masks made from such kefir return shine and thickness to the hair, promote rapid growth, make the natural hair color deeper and more saturated.