Chaga. first recipe.

Chaga. first recipe.


A piece of fresh mushroom;

1 liter of boiled water.


Take a full 3-liter can of chaga (chop it with an ax), pour

a liter of boiled water, leave for 2 days, during this time, flop 4-5 times,

then drain the water and refrigerate. Remove the mushroom from the jar and

cut as small as possible, then pour it in the same jar with 2 liters of water

50-60 ° C and leave to infuse for 3 days. After pressing, connect with

settle first and filter. Drink 100-120 ml 2-3 times a day and

drink 100 ml of cow's milk. Take Chaga in autumn, only brown

(by no means white!), and only where hanging birches grow.

Bon Appetit!