Mushroom powder

Mushroom powder is a fairly popular way to store mushrooms. First, it can be added to almost all dishes, from soups to sauces to roasts. And secondly, mushrooms in this form are assimilated by the body best of all, since less energy is spent on their processing.

Mushroom powder

Wonderful mushroom powder comes from mushrooms, boletus, chanterelles, boletus, porcini mushrooms, morels and stitches, as well as a mixture of various mushrooms.

They are first dried properly, and then ground in a pepper mill, coffee grinder, or using a regular mortar. It so happens that the powder turns out to be heterogeneous. Additional sieving or secondary grinding will help to correct this.

Mushroom powder should be added to the dish a quarter of an hour before cooking, and before that, soak it to swell for 20-30 minutes.

Video - Mushroom powder from porcini mushrooms: