Why canned mushrooms from the store are dangerous

What dangers can a jar of canned mushrooms pose?

marinated mushrooms

Few people know that mushrooms can be not only inedible and poisonous, but also falsified, but this is not one danger that can lie in an ordinary jar of pickled mushrooms. What dangers can the most common store jar of mushrooms hide?

Most people like to pick mushrooms, and those who haven't had time to rush to the store to buy canned ones. Almost everyone loves to eat mushrooms in different forms, both boiled and fried and pickled, but few people know that bad manufacturers can use additional additives that make the most ordinary jar of pickled mushrooms dangerous. There are three main dangers that mushrooms can conceal, and if you can get at least heartburn from the first, then you will lose your life from the latter.

The first danger lurks in the presence of acetic acid or E 260. If there is a norm in pickled mushrooms, then there is no danger. Unscrupulous manufacturers, in order to protect themselves from troubles, are trying to get rid of the poisonousness of mushrooms with too much acetic acid, as a result of which the stomach is destroyed. As a result, the walls of the stomach are corroded, the person feels heartburn, feels severe pain in the liver. In order to buy the right mushrooms, you need to choose those that are lighter in color and contained in a light solution. A dark solution may indicate that a large volume of acetic acid is present.

The second danger is hidden in the presence of monosodium glutamate or E 621. This food additive is known to give food a stronger taste. In fact, in large quantities, such an additive is dangerous for the functioning of internal organs.

And the last danger lies in the presence of another additive called formaldehyde or E 240. The fact is that when such a substance interacts with water, a poisonous substance such as formalin is formed. It has a detrimental effect on the central nervous system, a person may experience headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, if the patient does not consult a doctor, then all this may end sadly. Unscrupulous manufacturers add such an additive only in order to extend the shelf life of the mushrooms.

Thus, mushrooms, water, citric acid and spices should be present in a jar of mushrooms, but if there are other additions, it is better not to buy such a product.