Groups of poisonous mushrooms

If you know how to distinguish the pale toadstool and the fly agaric from the russula, this is not a reason to call yourself a mushroom picker.

Indeed, in addition to these two "repeat offenders", about 80 species of poisonous mushrooms grow on our lands. Moreover, 20 of them are especially life-threatening. For reference: according to the strength of the effect on the human body, poisonous mushrooms are divided into 3 groups.

Representatives of the first (yellow-skinned peppermaker, ryadovka tiger) cause gastric and intestinal disorders, which appear within 1-2 hours after eating.

The second group of fungi strikes the nerve centers, provoking severe vomiting, loss of consciousness, and hallucinations. The red and panther fly agaric have a similar effect.

The third group includes superaggressive fungi that affect the human liver and kidneys. Even the timely provided medical care will not restore the disabled organs and systems, and therefore after poisoning with such mushrooms, people most often do not survive. Killer mushrooms - pale toadstool, stinking fly agaric, orange-red spider web, false mushrooms.

By the way, one accidentally plucked pale toadstool can ruin the whole basket, and therefore it is better to put doubtful mushrooms separately from those in which you are sure.