Braised mushrooms


Braised mushrooms

For stewing, choose fresh and apparently healthy mushrooms, which must be peeled, washed and, if too large, chopped. After that, salt, a pinch of caraway seeds, onions and red pepper are added to the mushrooms. Then they are stewed until soft, stacked in jars. In the case of using half-liter containers, they must be sterilized for two hours, if the volume of the can is less than 75 minutes. Immediately after sterilization, the jars are sealed and stored in a cold room.

Such canned food does not need culinary preparation after opening - you just need to warm it up and pour it over with an egg.

During the stewing of mushrooms, 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil can be added to each liter, and an egg is added at the end of cooking. In this case, it becomes necessary to re-sterilize after a few days. Moreover, it lasts three times less.

There is no need to sterilize stewed mushrooms if they are stored in a jar for a short period of time.