Fly agaric broth

Fly agaric brothBoil a small amount of water, as much as you can drink at a time, as not everyone will like the taste.

You can add a few crushed vitamin C tablets or lemon juice to increase the acidity of the water, but this is optional. Add chopped mushrooms and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain, discard mushrooms, leaving liquid. Amanita broth is ready!

Note 1: While boiling, it is interesting to observe, and most importantly, to listen to the sounds that come from the broth. This will help you better tune in to the experience and create the right atmosphere.

Note 2: During the last three minutes of boiling, you can add a tea bag to the broth to kill the mushroom flavor. For those who like sweet tea, you can add sugar. But this is all for an amateur.

Fly agaric tea

Boil the fly agarics for 12-15 minutes with boiling water in a thermos, pre-chopping. Filter and drink on an empty stomach.