Deciduous shiver (Phaeotremella frondosa) photo and description

Deciduous shiver (Phaeotremella frondosa)

  • Department: Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Agaricomycotina (Agaricomycetes)
  • Class: Tremellomycetes (Tremellomycetes)
  • Subclass: Tremellomycetidae (Tremellomycetids)
  • Order: Tremellales
  • Family: Tremellaceae
  • Genus: Phaeotremella (Feotremella)
  • Species: Phaeotremella frondosa (Deciduous)

Synonyms :

  • Tremella frondosa

  • Naematelia frondosa
  • Tremella nigrescens
  • Phaeotremella pseudofoliacea

Phaeotremella frondosa - Leafy shiver

Parasitizing various types of Stereums growing on deciduous wood, this well-known jelly-like mushroom is quite easy to identify by its brown color and well-developed individual lobules that strongly resemble "petals", "leaves".


The fruit body is a mass of densely packed lobules. Overall dimensions are approximately 4 to 20 centimeters across and 2–7 centimeters high, in various shapes. Individual lobes: 2–5 cm across and 1–2 mm thick. The outer edge is even, each lobule becomes wrinkled to the place of attachment.

The surface is bare, damp, oily wet in wet weather and sticky in dry weather.

Color from light brownish to brown, dark brown. Older specimens may darken to almost black.

The pulp is gelatinous, translucent, brown.

The leg is missing.

Smell and taste : no particular smell or taste.

Chemical reactions : KOH - negative on the surface. Iron salts - negatively on the surface.

Microscopic features

Spores: 5–8.5 x 4–6 µm, ellipsoidal with prominent apiculus, smooth, smooth, hyaline in KOH.

Basidia up to about 20 x 15 µm, ellipsoidal to rounded, almost spherical. There is a longitudinal septum and 4 long, finger-like sterigmas.

Hyphae 2.5–5 µm wide; often gelatinized, cloisonné, pinched.


Parasitizes various types of Stereum, for example, Stereum rugosum, Stereum ostrea and Stereum complicatum. Grows on dry deciduous trees.

Season and distribution

Deciduous shivers can be found in spring, autumn or even winter in warm climates. The mushroom is widespread in Europe, Asia, North America. It is common.


Unknown. No data on toxicity.

Similar species

Leafy shiver (Phaeotremella foliacea)

Leafy shiver (Phaeotremella foliacea)

growing on coniferous wood, its fruit bodies can reach larger sizes.

Photo: Andrey.