Pickling mushrooms

Souring mushrooms

Pickling mushrooms

Mushrooms can also be preserved using the fermentation method. In this case, the formation of lactic acid occurs, which saves the mushrooms from decay. It is important to remember that there are very few sugars in mushrooms, therefore, in the process of fermenting them, it is necessary to use so much sugar so that the volume of lactic acid is about 1%.

Pickled mushrooms have a higher nutritional value than salted ones, since as a result of exposure to lactic acid, the coarse membranes of cells, poorly digested by the human body, are destroyed.

Pickled mushrooms can also be used as a great alternative to pickled ones. In addition, after soaking in water, such mushrooms lose all lactic acid, so they can be used fresh.

Fermentation is carried out from porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, aspen mushrooms, boletus boletus, boletus, honey agarics, mushrooms and volushkas. It is worth fermenting them separately for each type.

Freshly picked mushrooms must be sorted by size, get rid of unsuitable for fermentation, and remove soil, sand and other sediments. After this, the mushrooms are divided into caps and legs. If the mushrooms are small, then they can be fermented whole, but the large ones are divided into parts. After sorting, root roots and damage sites are removed from the mushrooms. Then they wash themselves under cold water.

For fermentation, you must use an enamel pan, into which 3 liters of water, 3 tablespoons of salt and 10 grams of citric acid are added. After that, the solution is put on fire and brought to a boil. Then 3 kilograms of mushrooms are added to the pan, which must be cooked over low heat until tender. The foam formed during the cooking process must be removed. When the mushrooms have settled to the bottom of the pan, the cooking is complete.

Boiled mushrooms are laid out in a colander, washed with cold water, distributed in three-liter jars, and filled with filling.

The filling is prepared in this way: for each liter of water, add 3 tablespoons of salt and a tablespoon of sugar to an enamel pan. This solution is put on fire, brought to a boil, and cooled to a temperature of 40 ° C. Then add a tablespoon of whey made from skim milk that has just sour into the filling.

After adding the fill to the jars, they are covered with lids and taken out into a warm room. After three days, they must be taken to a cold cellar.

It will be possible to eat such mushrooms in a month.

To increase the storage time of pickled mushrooms, it is necessary to sterilize them. To do this, they are placed in a colander, the liquid is allowed to drain, and washed with cold water. After that, the mushrooms are distributed over the jars, and filled with hot mushroom liquid, which has been previously filtered. It is important that in the process of boiling it, the resulting foam is constantly removed from the liquid.

In case of lack of filling, it can be replaced with boiling water. After filling, the jars are covered with lids, placed in pots with water preheated to 50 ° C, and sterilized. Half-liter cans must be sterilized for 40 minutes, and liter cans - 50 minutes. Then the cans are immediately sealed, after which they are cooled.

The use of pickled mushrooms is allowed without additional processing.