Miller stunted (Lactarius tabidus) photo and description

Stunted Miller (Lactarius tabidus)

  • Department: Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Agaricomycotina (Agaricomycetes)
  • Class: Agaricomycetes (Agaricomycetes)
  • Subclass: Incertae sedis (undefined)
  • Order: Russulales
  • Family: Russulaceae (Russula)
  • Genus: Lactarius (Miller)
  • Species: Lactarius tabidus (Stunted Miller)

The name of the mushroom is considered synonymous:

  • The stunted breast;
  • The milk is tender ;
  • Lactifluus tabidus;
  • Lactarius theiogalus.

Stunted Miller (Lactarius tabidus)

The stunted milky (Lactarius tabidus) is a mushroom belonging to the genus Millechnikov, the Syroezhkovy family.

External description of the mushroom

The fruiting body of the stunted lactarius consists of a leg, a cap, a lamellar hymenophore. plates are located rarely, weakly descending along a loose and widened pedicle at the base. The color of the plates is the same as that of the cap, ocher-brick or red. Sometimes it is a little lighter.

The mushroom pulp has a slight tangy flavor. The cap of the mushroom is characterized by a diameter of 3 to 5 cm, in young mushrooms it is convex, and in mature mushrooms it is prostrate, in its central part it has a tubercle, and in other areas it has a depression.

The spore powder of stunted milkweed is characterized by a cream shade, an ellipsoidal shape of particles and the presence of an ornamental pattern on them. The spores of the fungus are 8-10 * 5-7 microns in size.

The fungus of this species has a milky juice, which is not too abundant, initially white in color, but as it dries up, it becomes yellowish.

The diameter of the leg varies in the range of 0.4-0.8 cm, and its height is 2-5 cm. Initially it is loose, then it becomes empty. Has the same color as the hat, but slightly lighter in the upper part.

Habitat and period of fruiting

The stunted milky (Lactarius tabidus) grows on mossy surfaces, in humid and damp places. This type of mushroom from the Syroezhkovy family can be found in deciduous and mixed forests. The fruiting period of the species begins in July and lasts until September.


The stunted miller (Lactarius tabidus) is a conditionally edible mushroom, it is often eaten in a salty form.

Similar species, distinctive features from them

Lactarius subdulcis is considered to be a stunted species of mushrooms similar to the lactarius. True, it is distinguished by its milky juice, which is white, and does not change it when exposed to atmospheric air.