Cutlets with mushrooms

Meat cutlets with mushroom filling

Cutlet with mushrooms

Somehow in May we found some gorgeous mushrooms, these are:


I don't really like champignons, I generally treat them with some degree of distrust. But these are handsome! Huge and not dry, not wormy. Okay, I think I'll fire. But there are many of them, a large frying pan. We will not eat.

Then I remembered the old recipe for the so-called "hunting cutlets" (which is actually much more complicated than my version, but it doesn't matter).

It was delicious!

The recipe is simple:

We make minced meat, as for ordinary cutlets, here it is who likes it better. We love pork / beef - 50/50, lots of onions, garlic, half a carrot, white bread soaked in milk, salt and pepper, a couple of eggs and a couple of tablespoons of sour cream or cream.

Then we sculpt cutlets, putting in each a tablespoon of completely prepared (fried) mushrooms:

Cutlet with mushrooms

Cutlet with mushrooms

We form cutlets, you can have a traditional shape, or you can round.

Cutlet with mushrooms

And we fry like ordinary cutlets. I do not use breadcrumbs, I roll a little in flour.

Serve with vermicelli or potatoes.

Or you can just put the cutlet on a slice of white bread. Super! A lot of calories, fatty, harmful, very tasty! When stored in the refrigerator, they warm up perfectly in the microwave.

The recipe was written specifically for and