Recommendations for eating mushrooms

The peak of mushroom picking is in the summer-autumn period, but, unfortunately, poisoning with this product occurs at any time of the year. In the season, people are poisoned with fresh mushrooms brought from the forest, and in winter, danger lurks in jars with pre-made preparations. But it is quite possible to avoid such a nuisance if you follow certain rules. What are they all about?

1) universal recommendations:

- mushrooms are a rather heavy food, so you should not get too carried away with them, so as not to overload your stomach;

- you cannot eat raw mushrooms. They could grow in an unfavorable ecological environment and absorb a lot of harmful substances from water, air and soil;

- mushrooms are not digested too quickly. If you do not want to be deprived of restful sleep and well-being upon waking, do not eat mushroom dishes for dinner;

- mushrooms do not go well with fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage). As a side dish, vegetables cooked in steam or in the oven are recommended;

2) boiled or salted mushrooms are good for people with gastritis. This product improves and normalizes the digestive system;

3) if a person knows a propensity to allergies, he should be careful with the use of mushrooms, as they can provoke an allergic reaction;

4) mushroom dishes are categorically contraindicated for cancer patients or people prone to this! After all, mushrooms are capable of accumulating various kinds of harmful substances, up to heavy metals;

5) people with obesity or overweight are allowed only boiled mushrooms. Fried mushrooms, although tasty, can lead to flatulence, bloating and other digestive troubles;

6) people who have reached old and advanced age do not digest mushrooms well. Their enzyme system can no longer cope with such a serious load;

7) mushrooms should not be given to preschoolers under any pretext. Never!

The benefits of mushrooms

Mushrooms are definitely healthy. But not everything is so simple with their use. First, you should know that although mushrooms are rich in protein, it is difficult for the human body to absorb. Hence the heaviness in the abdomen, and bloating, and a variety of eating disorders. And secondly, vitamins and trace elements are sometimes found in mushrooms in such an excessive amount that it becomes harmful to health. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to cook properly and eat the gifts of the forest.

If you look at the nutritional value of mushrooms in more detail, you can see that they are surprisingly balanced in their composition. There is not as much protein in mushrooms as in meat, but the complex of amino acids in these products is identical. Therefore, it is useful to combine mushrooms with other meals containing protein in order to maintain a nutritional balance in the end.

Mushrooms are also useful for people who want to get rid of extra pounds. After all, a complete rejection of meat and the transition to a vegetarian menu can provoke chronic diseases, and mushrooms will help prevent these troubles. Salted or boiled mushrooms are especially useful for the diet, as they contain natural mucus that gently envelops the walls of the stomach. That is why such mushrooms are easier to digest than, for example, fried in oil.

Mushrooms have a low calorie content - somewhere around 25 kilocalories per hundred grams of product. But at the same time, they give a feeling of fullness for a long time, reducing the risk of overeating and disruptions from the diet. Combined with pasta or potatoes, this is a very nutritious dish that will make you forget about the feeling of hunger for the whole day. Also, mushrooms can reduce cravings for sweets due to the zinc and some other minerals they contain. By the way, mussels have the same properties, but mushrooms are available to more people.

And that's not all about the benefits of mushrooms! They contain vitamins and a whole range of biologically active substances. Iron and potassium, phosphorus and vitamins C and B - all this and much more can be found in mushrooms. With the help of them, you can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, therefore mushroom dishes are often recommended for normalizing metabolism.

In short, mushrooms are much more beneficial than harmful. But still, each person must answer the question himself: are there gifts of the forest or not? It all depends on the state of health and personal tastes and preferences.