Entoloma asprellum photo and description

Entoloma rough (Entoloma asprellum)

Other name:

Rough pink plate

Entoloma rough (Entoloma asprellum)

Rough entoloma is a mushroom of the entoloma family.

Usually grows in taiga and tundra. It is rare in the Russian Federation, but mushroom pickers recorded the appearance of this species of entoloma in Karelia, as well as in Kamchatka.

The season is from early July to late September.

Prefers peaty soil, moist lowlands, grassy places. It is often found among mosses and sedges. Groups of mushrooms are small, usually rough entoloma grows singly.

The fruiting body is represented by a stem and a cap. The dimensions are small, the hymenophore is lamellar.

The hat has a size up to about 3 cm, the shape is a bell (in young mushrooms), at a more mature age it is flat, convex. There is a small depression in the center.

The edges of the cap surface are ribbed, slightly transparent.

Skin color is brown. There may be a slightly reddish tint. In the center, the color is darker, along the edges it is light, and there are also many scales in the center.

The plates are frequent, at first they are gray, then, with the age of the fungus, they turn slightly pink.

The leg reaches a length of 6 centimeters, has the shape of a cylinder, and is very smooth. But there may be slight pubescence just under the cap. The base of the leg is covered with white felt.

The pulp is dense, fleshy, has a brown color inside the cap, and in the leg it is bluish-gray.

Rough entoloma is considered a rare species of this family of mushrooms. Edibility not determined.