Belochampignon red-lamellar (Leucoagaricus leucothites) photo and description

Red-lamellar white champignon (Leucoagaricus leucothites)

  • Department: Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Agaricomycotina (Agaricomycetes)
  • Class: Agaricomycetes (Agaricomycetes)
  • Subclass: Agaricomycetidae (Agaricomycetes)
  • Order: Agaricales (Agaric or Lamellar)
  • Family: Agaricaceae (Champignon)
  • Genus: Leucoagaricus (Belochampignon)
  • Species: Leucoagaricus leucothites (Red-lamellar white champignon)
    Other names for the mushroom:
  • Umbrella blush
  • Lepiota red-lamellar


  • Umbrella blush

  • Lepiota red-lamellar

  • Lepiota naucina

Red-lamellar white champignon (Leucoagaricus leucothites)

The Belochampignon mushroom is red-lamellar, it looks very delicate, it has a light leg and a light pink cap. The surface is almost all smooth and in general the mushroom is very elegant. He has a thin leg. A feature of the appearance is the ring, which is present in a young mushroom, and then disappears. The sizes are medium, on a leg of 8-10 cm there is a hat with a diameter of about 6.

You can find it almost throughout the season, from mid-summer to mid-autumn. It is found in many places, in pastures, in gardens, along roads, because the main habitat is grass.

Due to its wide distribution, many people are happy to eat this mushroom, especially since it has an original fruity smell, it is very pleasant to many.

You can confuse a mushroom with a white-colored champignon, but there is nothing wrong with that, both types are edible.