Drying fly agaric

Drying fly agaric

Drying fly agaricThe most important aspect of the preparation of Amanita muscaria is drying it. through this process, the toxic ibotenic acid is converted into the less toxic and psychoactive compound muscimol. If you do not dry the fly agaric, then the signs of intoxication of the body will be quite pronounced (which will be expressed in dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms), while the strength of the psychoactive effect will be insignificant.

It is best to dry fly agarics in their natural environment - in the sun or indoors, after stringing them on a string. Drying in an oven or oven is not recommended.

It is also very important to make sure that there is no harmful effect on the mushrooms: they are not blown by any gases from the stove, toxic fumes, sources of strong odors, etc., because mushrooms are very sensitive and absorb such things well.

If drying using heat treatment, it is very important not to give a very high temperature (maximum 60 degrees), because otherwise, the mushroom may lose its magical properties.

Also, when preparing shamanic fly agarics, the following features should be considered:

- you need to collect only mushrooms of the Amanita Muscaria species, having previously familiarized yourself with their appearance, as well as the description of poisonous fly agarics.

- it is advisable to dry only caps without legs, because the legs contain the least amount of active substances; the largest is contained in the red skin and the layer under it

- it is necessary to collect small and adult fly agarics, skipping old and weakened ones

- it is desirable to collect fly agarics, not damaged by worms and other pests, because this takes away the strength of the mushroom. Wormy, eaten, broken, old - can be safely used for medicinal purposes and put on fly agaric tincture.

- it is recommended to keep the mushroom cap intact, and keep mushrooms from the same family together

- there is an opinion that the little unopened fly agarics are somewhat different in their effects from the opened ones; the former give a more stimulating effect, the latter psychoactive. It is also worth paying attention to the number of white spots on the cap of the mushroom - it is believed that a large number of them indicate the great psychoactive potential of the fly agaric.

- drying should be carried out until the mushroom becomes brittle (i.e. it breaks under slight compression). With proper drying, the ratio of the weight of the whole mushroom to the dried one should be 11: 1 (in other words, 10g of well-prepared mushrooms corresponds to 110g of fresh ones)

After the mushrooms are completely dry, they are stored in a dry place at room temperature.

Method of using dried red mushroom caps

The way of using the red fly agaric has not changed over time. It is eaten and less commonly smoked.

When using fly agarics, it is important to consider the following points:

- 2-3 days before taking mushrooms, it is recommended to put yourself on a diet of light foods.

- you need to take mushrooms on an empty stomach in order to avoid nausea and enhance the effects

- If you are dealing with this mushroom for the first time, use no more than one medium mushroom cap! Firstly, it will help protect you from unpleasant consequences in case you have an individual intolerance to amanita alkaloids. Secondly, you will be able to understand the potential of the material you are using, which will give you an idea of ​​the optimal dosage for you.

- for the first time, a person ("sitter") should be near the recipient of the mushroom, who will look after the process, since it is impossible to accurately predict the effect of the mushroom on the psyche and the body as a whole.

Amanita dosage:

- 5-10g for a stimulating effect

- 15-20g for a strong psychoactive effect