Edible mushrooms of the South Urals

mushrooms of the South Urals

Summer is the time for berries and mushrooms. But if the berries grow at the right time in the right place, if only there is warmth and moisture, then mushrooms are very capricious in this regard. Of course, any mushroom picker has "fish" places, but it is not known whether mushrooms will grow there this season. It happens that it was warm and it rained, but there were no mushrooms. In the forests and copses of the Southern Urals, various mushrooms are found. But not all of them are edible. Let's talk about the most famous ones.

When it is warm in June, and not very hot, it often rains the first Ural mushrooms - butterflies, boletus, boletus. Aspen and boletus grow in a "young" forest - overgrown with young birches, which nowadays have grown wildly on the site of former fields. Butterlets and aspen mushrooms prefer coniferous forests, tree planting. Right there, in the open birch forest, you can meet the king of mushroom lands - the white mushroom. But for the Ural forests, he is a rare guest, but the very best!

tubular mushrooms of the southern urals

When the time for tubular mushrooms departs, the time for lamellar mushrooms approaches. The very first russules appear, of all colors of the rainbow. But this is not the best mushroom yet. Knowledgeable people are waiting for dry mushrooms. So in the Urals is called white podgruzdok, which in other places and for a lump is not taken, but in vain, oh in vain. Real milk is called raw here, and they don't really like it. They rarely grow, they require serious processing, and the taste cannot be compared with dry ones. But a large number of dishes are prepared here from dry ones, and other varieties of mushrooms are not suitable for them. The places where milk mushrooms grow are worth remembering. Because next year they will grow there again. If they want to.

Searching for mushrooms is a real art. Milk mushrooms grow in families, if you find one, look nearby - you will definitely find his comrades. They grow in birch forests, under leaves, in tubercles. Only a trained eye will notice these very bumps.

loading of the southern urals

Dry milk mushrooms are salted, pickled. They are used to make a delicious local soup - gruzdyanka. They are fried with young potatoes, and green onions, since it ripens just by the beginning of August, by the beginning of the collection of milk mushrooms. They make dumplings, local dumplings with milk mushrooms.

Well, the mushrooms are gone, mushroom pickers are now waiting for the hit of the season - honey agarics. Although milk mushrooms can still and still pamper, they have the peculiarity of growing in periods, there are three periods during the summer and autumn pass. Honey mushrooms will go in September. They grow in clearings, on stumps, sometimes even just in the grass, or on a tree trunk. They grow up in families. They say they can be confused with false ages, but, in my opinion, this is unlikely. Honey mushrooms have a special, incomparable aroma. No mushroom smells like that. Honey mushrooms are pickled and dried. Pies are made from dried mushrooms in winter. Pickled honey mushrooms are a delicacy in themselves.

Quiet hunting for some becomes the most favorite hobby of their lives.