Likogala wood (Wolf's milk) (lycogala epidendrum) photo and description

Lycogala woody (lycogala epidendrum)

  • Department: Myxomycota (Myxomycetes)
  • Species: lycogala epidendrum (Likogala woody (Wolf's milk))


Wolf milk

Likogala wood

Likogala woody  is a type of mold that parasitizes on dead rotting wood, old stumps, and so on.

Fruit body: woody lycogala epidendrum has an irregular sphere shape. 2 cm in diameter. At first it has a light pinkish or red color. The mature mushroom turns dark brown. The surface of the fruiting body is covered with small scales. The inner cavity of the fungus is filled with a pinkish or red liquid. The liquid splashes when pressed.

Edible: Lycogala epidendrum is not suitable for human consumption.

Similarity: The mushroom can be confused with other mushrooms that have a similar fruiting body.

Likogala wood

Distribution: occurs throughout the summer in various forests.

Video about the Likogala wood mushroom:

Note: It is believed that spores are formed in Likogal balls, which contain the seeds of numerous diseases. In addition, this mushroom can live in the human body. In extreme heat, when the mushroom runs out of nutrients, he, feeling the approach of his death, gives all the remaining strength to his offspring. The fungus creeps out to the sunniest place and grows a large number of fruit bodies, which are found on stumps. The resulting balls harden and the liquid inside them becomes thick and, drying out, crumbles into a huge number of spores. The fungus dies, and its spores give birth to new organisms - parasites, unicellular animals. In principle, these are the same Trichomonas - in the stages of amoeba, flagellum or cell.