Spring mushrooms

Not everyone knows about this, but mushrooms can be picked not only in summer or autumn, but at any time of the year. Naturally, each season has its own assortment of varieties. In fact, seasonal affiliation is another basis for the classification of mushrooms.

For example, spring mushrooms are those that only grow in spring. They can be found in the forest from mid-March to late May or early June. Some of the spring mushrooms are widely known (for example, stitches and morels), while others are known only to true connoisseurs of "forest hunting" (colibia - spring mushrooms, May ryadovki, spring toadstools, blades and some others).

Among spring mushrooms, there is also a separate group of so-called "universal" spring mushrooms. They first emerge from the ground in April and are found in forests until September. "Universals" can be both edible (yellow russula, scales, deer mushrooms), and unusable and even dangerous specimens (beautiful cobweb, false tinder fungus and sulfur-yellow false froth).