The most poisonous mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms

There are countless poisonous mushrooms in the world, but some of them are considered fatal to the human body.

Top 5 most poisonous mushrooms

Inocybe erubescens - Patuillard fiber - fifth place

This mushroom is located in fifth place in this top, it belongs to the spiderweb family. It is deadly for humans, as it causes very severe muscarinic poisoning. It is about 20-25 times more dangerous than the red fly agaric. There were cases of poisoning due to the fact that mushroom pickers confused it with champignons. The habitat of this species is coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests, where the soil is either calcareous or clayey.

Cortinarius rubellus - The most beautiful webcap - fourth place

The most beautiful webcap is in fourth place. This species, like the previous one, belongs to the spiderweb family. It is highly toxic and deadly as it contains slow-acting toxins that lead to inevitable kidney failure. The most serious trouble is that all varieties of this mushroom are similar in appearance, and it is almost impossible to distinguish the species by eye. It lives in coniferous forests and along the edges of swamps, loves moisture.

Galerina marginata - Bordered Galerina  - 3rd place

One of the extremely dangerous mushrooms belonging to the stropharia family. This species contains the so-called amatoxins. It is these toxins that lead to death in 90% of cases when a person is poisoned. These mushrooms are most common in the northern hemisphere. At first glance, this is an ordinary small brown mushroom, and an inexperienced mushroom picker can easily confuse it with different types of edible mushrooms.

Amanita phalloides - Amanita muscaria  - second place

Popularly known as pale toadstool . A mushroom belonging to the genus of amanita, it can be safely included in the top of the most dangerous mushrooms on earth. Its main danger lies in the fact that in its appearance it can resemble a russula, even experienced mushroom pickers often confuse them. Most cases of poisoning with such mushrooms end in death. Grows, as a rule, in light deciduous forests, prefers fertile soil, common in Europe and Asia.

Amanita pantherina - Amanita panther - "honorable" first place

This species can definitely be called the most poisonous mushroom. In addition to the traditional for this type of muscarine and muscaridine, it also contains hyocyamine. This combination of toxins can be safely called unusual and extremely deadly. In case of poisoning with this species, the chances of survival are minimized. The mushroom is not at all difficult to confuse with some edible ones, for example, with a gray-pink fly agaric. The species is geographically located in the Northern Hemisphere.