Red butter dish (Suillus collinitus) photo and description

Red oil can (Suillus collinitus)

  • Department: Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Agaricomycotina (Agaricomycetes)
  • Class: Agaricomycetes (Agaricomycetes)
  • Subclass: Agaricomycetidae (Agaricomycetes)
  • Order: Boletales
  • Family: Suillaceae (Oily)
  • Genus: Suillus (Oily)
  • Species: Suillus collinitus (Buttercup red)


  • Suillus fluryi
  • Non-ringed oiler

Suillus collinitus

The red oil can (Latin Suillus fluryi ) belongs to the mushrooms of the genus Oil can. The genus includes more than fifty species of mushrooms that grow in the temperate hemisphere.

The mushroom is considered edible with a second category of nutritional value. Among the edible mushrooms, it ranks first among the mushrooms growing in the mixed forest.

The red oil can has a medium-sized fruiting body and a cap with a reddish-red sticky surface. On the mushroom leg, there is a remnant of a filmy blanket or small warts.

A favorite growing place is the soil under the larch, with which the fungus forms mycelium. In early summer, the first layer of boletus appears in young pine and spruce plantations. The time to hike for the red oil can coincides with the flowering time of the pine.

The second layer of boletus appears in mid-July, during linden blossom. The third layer of the red oil can is collected from the beginning of August until the onset of the first severe frosts.

It grows in large groups, which is convenient for mushroom pickers when picking.

Red oil can is a delicious and fragrant mushroom. Not flabby and not wormy mushroom is suitable for any processing. The butter dish is boiled and marinated both peeled and not peeled. This does not affect the taste, but the cap of an unpeeled mushroom after boiling takes on an ugly black color. The marinade obtained during the cooking process becomes thick and black. Purified boiled oil has a bright creamy color, while pleasing the eye of a mushroom picker. For drying for future use, an oil can with an uncleaned cap is used, since over time it will still darken.

The red oil can for its nutritional qualities is well appreciated by both amateurs and professional mushroom pickers.