Fuligo putrid (Fuligo septica) photo and description

Fuligo putrid (Fuligo septica)

  • Department: Myxomycota (Myxomycetes)
  • Species: Fuligo septica (Fuligo putrid)

Synonyms :

  • Ant oil

  • Earth oil
  • Fuligo violacea
  • Mucor septicus
  • Aethalium violaceum

Fuligo putrid

Putrid Fuligo (Fuligo septica) is a mushroom that is a type of slime mold. Belongs to the Fizarov family, belongs to the Fuligo genus.

External description

Plasmodium fungus is characterized by a yellow color, but sometimes it can be cream or white. Etaliae are cushion-shaped, solitary, and are characterized by various colors (yellow, white, purple, rusty-orange). The diameter of the largest individuals ranges from 2 to 20 cm, and the thickness is up to 3 cm. The hypothallus can be multilayer or single-layer. It is colorless or brownish. Spore powder - dark brown. Spores are spherical, small in size, with small thorns.

Fuligo putrid

Season and habitat of the fungus

The fungus can be found on rotting plant debris.

Fuligo putrid



Similar types and differences from them

It has several similar species. Differs from them in small disputes. The cortex is well developed. Among similar species there are:

Fuligo cinerea;

Fuligo muscorum;

Fuligo intermedia.

Other information about the mushroom:


Photo: Vitaly Gumenyuk