Camping bowler: selection rules

In spring and autumn, when the heat subsides, it's time to go out into nature for mushrooms, make a fire and cook the mushroom soup everyone's favorite. What is needed for this? A good company, food, water and, of course, a set of dishes, including a marching pot, the choice of which we will talk about.


hiking bowlerWhen choosing a camping pot, one should proceed from the material, volume, manufacturing method and thermal conductivity. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages.

With regard to the material of the selected product, titanium and aluminum tourist cauldrons are considered the most practical. Yes, they are more expensive than steel, but at the same time titanium and aluminum are sensitive to mechanical damage. But steel is much stronger. The heating rate of food in them is much higher. However, steel pots are not very easy to use.

Pay attention to the manufacturing method. It is preferable to purchase a welded version. Welding reliably holds the bottom connections to the tank walls, unlike rivets, which risk leaking. This means that the camping provisions will go into the stomach, and not onto the grass.

Avoid purchasing a large touring kettle. The capacity of the dishes is estimated based on the number of group members. You should also remember about the acceleration of food spoilage in the open air, so it is unreasonable to rely on heating food. Give preference to 3 liter pots. If the group of tourists exceeds 6 participants, then a 5-6 liter container is needed here. For divided or large groups, you will have to purchase a set of tourist bowlers, a multiple of the number of groups.

Useful little things

It is not always possible to provide comfortable conditions for servicing tourist dishes during a hike. It is difficult to carry with you branches for arranging a rack under a camping bowler, therefore a metal tripod must be present in the set of a bag thing. You can deploy it in a minute, and it will take precious hours to find suitable branches or logs.

It is equally important to choose a set of travel cookware with a non-stick coating. This measure will again save time getting ready for bed. In the absence of protection, the person on duty in the camp kitchen will have to wash the pot of accumulated carbon deposits.

The main goal of the trip is to learn a lot of interesting things about your region or country and test your strength in harmony with the environment. The correct choice of a bowler hat and a set of tourist dishes will help not only to recuperate after a busy day, but also to correctly distribute forces during a halt or a stopover for the night.