How to salt mushrooms

How to salt mushrooms correctly?

Salting mushrooms is a traditional way of processing the harvested crop, one of the most ancient and simplest. Ancient and simpler - except drying.

Salted mushrooms

If you decide to salt mushrooms, you need to consider one important point: the place where the salted mushrooms are stored.

When salted with cold methods, mushrooms do not undergo any heat treatment, therefore they must be stored in the cold. The ideal place to store salted mushrooms is the cellar. In urban conditions, this can be a refrigerator.

You need to salt the mushrooms in a special, non-oxidizing container, it can be glass, wood, an enamel pan. It is important that there is a place for these dishes in the refrigerator.

Question: Can you put ready-made pickled mushrooms in more compact containers, for example, their large pots in jars?

Answer: Yes, you can. After the mushrooms are completely cooked, they can be transferred to jars.

Important: All mushrooms must be covered with brine. Usually, when transferred to jars, mushrooms cannot be packed as compactly as they were in a large bowl, more brine is required. Therefore, it is recommended to transfer salted mushrooms to jars after some of the mushrooms have already been eaten.

Question: Can salted mushrooms be sterilized in jars so that they can be stored in the pantry, not in the refrigerator?

Answer: You can, but what's the point? During pasteurization, the specific, unique taste of salted mushrooms will be lost. There is no need to salt the mushrooms in cold ways, if later you are going to warm them up anyway.

If you do not have the opportunity to store salted mushrooms at the appropriate temperature, choose another method of harvesting: hot salting, pickling or conservation.

Question: What is the difference in terms of "Salt" and "Ambassador"?

Answer : There is no difference in modern Russian , these words are used as synonyms .

If you have already searched for the answer to the question "How to salt mushrooms", you probably found many recipes with names, for example, "Dry salted mushrooms" and "Dry salted mushrooms".

The word "salting" in relation to cooking is used more often than the word "ambassador" (so that there is no confusion with another meaning of the word "ambassador" - a diplomatic representative).

In some regions, there may be slight differences in the interpretation and use of these words. Compare:

- We will salt the mushrooms with dry salting.

- This salting turned out to be very successful.

In the first case, we are talking about the recipe, about the way the speaker decided to salt the mushrooms.

In the second case, we are talking about mushrooms salted at a time or in one bowl.

Sometimes there are such interpretations:

Salting is a way to salt mushrooms without additional liquid, only with the help of salt, in fact it is dry salting.

Ambassador is a way to salt mushrooms using a “curing liquid”, a previously prepared brine.

Perhaps, in some regions, these words are historically used in just such meanings. But in modern cookbooks and in recipes published on the Internet, these subtleties of word usage are not.

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