Troitsky truffle (Choiromyces meandriformis) photo and description

Troitsky truffle (Choiromyces meandriformis)

  • Department: Ascomycota (Ascomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Pezizomycotina (Pesizomycotins)
  • Class: Pezizomycetes (Pecicomycetes)
  • Subclass: Pezizomycetidae (Pecicomycetes)
  • Order: Pezizales
  • Family: Tuberaceae (Truffle)
  • Genus: Choiromyces
  • Species: Choiromyces meandriformis (Trinity Truffle)
    Other names for the mushroom:

  • Truffle white
  • Polish truffle

Other names:

  • Troitsky truffle
  • Polish truffle

Troitsky truffle (Choiromyces meandriformis)

Trinity truffle (Latin Choiromyces venosus , also Choiromyces meandriformis ) is a type of mushroom included in the genus Choiromyces of the Truffle family (Tuberaceae).

It is considered the most common type of truffle growing in the territory of the Russian Federation, but does not have the same value as real truffles (Tuber).


Fruiting body with a diameter of 5-8 (15) cm, weighing 200-300 (500) g, tuberous, rounded-flattened with a fibrous, felt surface of a yellow-brown color

The pulp is firm, mealy, light, yellowish, like potatoes, with noticeable veins and a specific aroma.

Taste: mushroom with deep roasted seeds or walnuts flavor and strong characteristic aroma.


Trinity truffle is found from late July to November (in warm autumn), in coniferous forests, among young pines and deciduous (in hazel, with birch, aspen), on sandy and clay soil at a depth of 8-10 cm, sometimes appearing on the surface a small tubercle. It is very rare and not every year. According to the literature, the yield peaks coincide with the yield of porcini mushrooms.

Inhabits loose, moderately moist calcareous soil under a layer of leaves in deciduous and coniferous forests. Occurs in birch forests, aspen forests, under hazel bushes in mixed forests on well-warmed soils. Grows at a depth of 8-10 cm, appears on the soil surface very rarely. They find it by the bumps of soil without vegetation, by a strong smell.

Season: August to November.


Trinity truffle (Choiromyces meandriformis) according to Russian encyclopedias is considered a rare edible mushroom (4 categories) with a specific, not mushroom, but more meaty taste. The later these mushrooms are harvested, the tastier they are.

It is consumed fresh and dried. They are especially piquant in sauces and seasonings.

This type of mushroom began to gain its value in Russia only in the last 10-15 years.


In the Kostroma region, white truffle is known as “cow's bread”. Animals grazing in forest glades in a birch forest find a truffle. They dig up a litter of leaves with their muzzle and bite off the upper part of the mushroom that protrudes above the ground. Mushroom pickers find these places using the bedding uncovered by cows and sheep.