Motley champignon (Agaricus moelleri) photo and description

Motley champignon (Agaricus moelleri)

  • Department: Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)
  • Subdivision: Agaricomycotina (Agaricomycetes)
  • Class: Agaricomycetes (Agaricomycetes)
  • Subclass: Agaricomycetidae (Agaricomycetes)
  • Order: Agaricales (Agaric or Lamellar)
  • Family: Agaricaceae (Champignon)
  • Genus: Agaricus (Champignon)
  • Species: Agaricus moelleri (Motley Champignon)


  • Möller's champignon

  • Psalliota meleagris
  • Agaricus meleagris
  • Agaricus placomyces

Motley champignon

Möller's champignon ( lat.Agaricus moelleri ) is a mushroom of the mushroom family (Agaricaceae).

The cap is smoky-grayish, darker in the middle, covered with dense, small, lagging scales of smoky-gray color. Less commonly, the scales are brown. Near the edge, the cap is almost white.

The pulp is white, quickly turns brown on the cut, with an unpleasant odor.

The leg is 6-10 cm long and 1-1.5 cm in diameter, white, turns yellow with age, then brown. The base is swollen up to 2.5 cm, the pulp in it is yellowing.

The plates are loose, frequent, pinkish; when ripe, they become chocolate brown.

Spore powder of chocolate brown color, spores 5.5 × 3.5 microns, broadly elliptical.

Motley champignon

This mushroom is found in the steppe and forest-steppe Ukraine. Occurs in woodlands, parks, on fertile, often alkaline soil, bears fruit in groups or rings on fertile soil. Distributed in the northern temperate zone, is relatively rare, in some places.

The variegated champignon has a resemblance to the forest mushroom, but the smell of the forest is pleasant, and the pulp slowly turns red on the cut.

Poisonous mushroom . Interestingly, people's susceptibility to it is different. Some can eat small amounts of it without harm. In some manuals, its toxicity is not noted.